Miyerkules, Marso 9, 2016

Waiting To Call The Plumbing Company So You Can Do a Plumbing Project Yourself? Keep These Things in Mind

If you're like me, you might want to try a plumbing project in your home before you contact a plumbing company. However, if you want to do that, it's important that you keep the following things in mind. If your not comfortable doing a plumbing repair yourself call Austin plumber.

Wear the Right Gear
It can be easy to forget safety goggles, closed toe shoes and other safety gear when you're doing a project on your own. However, you have to remember that you aren't as experienced a plumber and are therefore more likely to make mistakes along the way.

Avoid Joining Two Different Metals

One big mistake you can make when taking on a plumbing project is to join copper and steel. As a result, the pipes may become corroded, as different types of metals should not be joined together.

To avoid this problem, be sure to pick up a dielectric union that will allow you to keep some space between the two metals.

Use the information above to ensure that you are prepared to do a plumbing project yourself. In my case, I ended up calling a plumber who was able to complete the project professionally and quickly.

Martes, Marso 8, 2016

Our Family's Experience With A Local Plumbing Company

When it comes to home repair and maintenance, neither my husband nor I have a great deal of experience. Having always rented from others before buying our own property, it has only been recently that we have needed to take responsibility for all sorts of issues around the house. Needless to say, when we discovered a massive plumbing leak in our guest bathroom, we were not immediately certain where to turn for help.

Once the trouble became apparent, I got on the computer and began researching local plumbers. In no time at all I came across a highly recommended plumbing company right here in town. Within hours, our leak was repaired and we could breath easy again!